The Wolf

Trading indicator for ProRealTime, Multicharts, MT4 e T3 of WeBank platforms

Developed after years of studies, checks and in-depth tests.


The Wolf indicator is a discretionary indicator, meaning that you have to enter and exit the market manually, it is not an automatic system.

6 E-mail and 7 Tutorial

6 Daily e-mails to give you the market sentiment and 7 video tutorials to explain in detail the trading system.

7 levels lines

7 Lines are drawn automatically by the indicator to inform you about price-sensitive levels.

Successful performance

Indicator with 98% of the first target reaching the early morning for Eurostoxx 50 and Dax

Warning! The Wolf will be available at this price for a few days!

Launch offer

€ 750

Only 750 euros instead of 990 euros for an indicator able to drive your trading to success in 98% of the trade!

The Benefits

Target reached basically by 12 in the morning, this allows you to commit only part of your day in online trading activity.

A constant guide clearly visible on the chart with a reliability far beyond the expectations, the result of the elaboration of an algorithm on a statistical basis.

Usable on various financial instruments, from futures like Eurostoxx50 and Dax, Ftsemib, but also on forex even if with slightly lower performance.

Video 3

Target on the upside and downward targets, with the guide of the 7 sentiments emails to manage the day’s trends.

Video n.1

In this video, I will explain to you the basic concepts of how the indicator works, what are the levels designed by the indicator and how they are plotted on the Prorealtime platform chart.

Video 2

The functioning of The Wolf on the graph of the Dax explained in a simple way. The Wolf is easy to interpret and manage.

Warning! The Wolf will be available at this price for a few days!

Unrecognizable price

€ 750

The value of the product is totally undersized, still available for a few customers. Who has already bought The Wolf confirms to have recovered the investment within the first three days of use!

Warning! The Wolf will be available at this price for a few days!



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