Trading Indicators

The trading indicators play an important role in the trading activity, they indicate to us with great detail and good statistical approximation, what is happening on the market, allowing us to make the right choices.


The trading indicators studied, created and developed by Paolo Scaravaggi are useful for online trading. Not just trading indicators for instruments like Futures and CFDs, Paolo has created an extraordinary trading indicator for options. All trading indicators allow you to develop excellent techniques and strategies to win on the markets.

The Jackal

Weekly trading indicator for ProRealTime – WeBank (T3), MT4 and Multicharts plstforms.


Years of testing and high performance always confirmed

No stress

One trade per week for not being a monitor slave


Developed for different platforms and financial instruments


Simple to install on the platform, easy to manage

The Wolf

Trading indicator intraday for  ProRealTime – WeBank (T3) – Multicharts platforms


Very impressive perfomance


6 daily emails show you the market sentiment


Hit the target on 98% of the time


Simple to install on the platform, easy to manage

The Eagle

Options trading indicator for ProRealTime – WeBank (T3) – Multicharts platforms


Systematic and precise


He knows the options will expire


Offers a delimited price range


Increase your performance exponentially


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