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Paolo Scaravaggi has been a trader for 24 years, professional since 15. Manager of assets for a Swiss company for many years. His approach to trading began in the bond sector, before moving on to ETFs. Subsequently, Futures, Options, CFDs, Certificates and Cryptovalute were added, instruments that he currently uses in his daily business. Paolo prefers to focus his trading on a few underlying assets to get to know them perfectly. Dax, Eurostoxx 50 and Fib are by far its privileged instruments, but he is also an expert in commodities such as Crude Oil and Gold. Paolo has never stopped spending a lot of time studying for his professional growth, cultivating his great passion: the creation of automatic algorithms on instruments such as CFD and Futures.

Change Perspective

Do not leave the destiny of your income and assets in the hands of others.

Instead of entrusting you to self-styled “gurus” who offer you their infallible trading signals, and thus letting your account, your financial future, be literally in the hands of a stranger, immediately begin a training course to finally take in hand the reins of your business, your trading, your financial life. With the help of Paolo you will not have to study everything, you will be directed to the issues you really need to know, you will be explained why you need to study certain topics, how to study them, all to build a new vision, a new attitude in confrontation of the market, a finally winning attitude!

Master I course

one to one lesson

Real Trading

Basic and advanced strategies

Master 2 course

Options course

From basic to advanced strategies

Strategies according to the different market phases


What does Paul offer you?

Paolo offers you a complete overview of financial services and activities, especially for trading on complex but highly performing instruments. Our trading courses aim to train a real professional able over time and with the necessary experience, to operate on regulated markets and Over the Counter with the utmost mastery of technique and tools. We have designed several trading indicators that do valuable work in building strategy and managing positions.

Master I course

Highly specialized courses, to become a professional trader.

Crypto currencies course

Video-course to operate in the field of Cryptovalute

Master II course

Highly specialized courses, to become a professional trader.

Trading tools

Trading indicators, 3 indicators for different needs and trading styles

Follow my operations

My Youtube channel

Subscribe to Paolo Scaravaggi’s Youtube channel so you can discover how Paolo deals with financial markets, how he uses the trading indicators developed and refined over the past few years. Hundreds of instructional videos, live trading video, real money operations live, practical advice to improve your business and understand the right mentality to combine with a profitable method.
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